“My friend shared a bottle of Soothing Magnesium oil with me when I was in a lot of pain and unable to move my arm. Soothing Magnesium immediately relieved the pain in my “frozen shoulder, I’m glad I tried this product, as a bonus it has a pleasant scent and is all natural!

I’m very pleased with this product, my family and I will keep on using it”
Hi’ilani. Mo’olokai, HI.


“Soothing Magnesium relieved the generalized body aches from having fibromyalgia. Thank you Sarah for your commitment and care”.
Edith P. The Big Island Hawaii


“A few years back my body was going through a lot of changes to which I was not finding any relief. My digestion was a mess, my weight went down to 82 pounds, and I couldn’t gain any weight; In addition, I had insomnia and mental fog. After talking to Sarah she suggested me to try a few of her products which I immediately started taking. I’m very glad I did! I took a super Turmeric Paste, moringa in my soups and magnesium. My digestion improved to the point of regaining my normal weight, I’m up to 100 pounds! I sleep better and all night, and I have mental clarity! The magnesium improved my sleep and relieved my nocturnal muscle cramps. I keep using these products everyday, they changed my life! Thank you Sarah, you are truly a blessing with your knowledge and your products, and for your affordable prices.”

Denise Ch. Hawaii


“I started taking Nutri Ola Super Turmeric Paste for arthritic pain on my hands, a couple of my fingers were bent and I was unable to stretch them, on the third day of taking this paste in coconut milk, the pain in my fingers was relieved and I regained movement in my affected joints. I’m a believer, Super Turmeric Paste is a God-sent remedy. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift with the world.” 

Terry G. San Diego, California


Super Turmeric Paste is such a great product!, I’ve been sharing it with my friends”. Miky C. Florida


“I’m forever thankful to Sarah for her great products! Her Soothing Magnesium oil relieved the chronic pain in my neck.” Debbi B N.J.