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Aloha !

Thank you for stopping by. Wild Crafted Hawaii was born from my passion of helping people struggling with aches and pain, those who live in fear of becoming sick, and want to feel like themselves again, but are overwhelmed. I help them by teaching them a simple and natural approach to nutrition, mental outlook and exercise.

Our office is located in the outskirt of the Kilauea Volcano in Kurtistown HI. We make the healing  products you’ve come to love, with positive energy and your well-being in mind.

Aloha, I am Sarah Avena, an Integrative Nutrition Coach. I’m the mother of two adorable energy beings who light up my life everyday. I studied at the Integrative Nutrition Institute of New York City, and at the Functional Nutrition Alliance with Andrea Nakayama, a renowned Functional Nutritionist. I have a background in Natural Science and Nursing from the University of Hawaii.

I know how you’re feeling, because I was where you are. I was in excruciating pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. I refused their medications and set out to find a natural solution, and I found it!

Turmeric root mixed with other therapeutic herbs and natural oils totally relieved my pain. I was also overweight and miserable. I regained my health and got fit with my signature weight management program “From Fat to Fabulous Effortlessly”, If I can do it, so can you!

Our products are available at wholesale prices to all Functional and Natural medicine practitioners such as herbalists, ND, Chiropractors, massage therapist, yoga instructors, spa and medical centers, acupuncturists, and to all individuals who appreciate the healing power of plants.

Please email us for details at info@WildCraftedHawaii.com


Sarah Avena

CEO Wild Crafted Hawaii